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Folding Floor House

Rising across this pocket site in Abbotsford, the Folding Floor House is an intriguing yet understated design of clever spaces woven together to deliver a family home on a 232 sqm. site. The eclectic and characterful Abbotsford streetscape was a key lead in designing both the form and the internal aspect. The folding expression borrowed from the slipper factory opposite is defined by decisive steel lines and softened by the distinctive timber fins that ripple down the entire length of the home.


The form dually allows for seclusion and perspective, with the ground floor enveloped in warm light and privacy, and the first floor reconnecting with the outside and beyond once more. The shady gum at the rear is featured through the master window; the distinctive decorative crest of the slipper factory framed above the stair; city skyline views through the front bedroom and the Abbotsford Convent spire glanced through the timber fin cladding; every aspect has been considered and where chosen, welcomed in. 


Abbotsford, Victoria


Completed 2019

Gross Floor Area:

220 sqm



General Contractor:



Jaime Diaz-Berrio


Louise Paterson


2019 Houses Awards Shortlist

New House Over 200sqm

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